• Linyi Jincheng
  • Linyi Jincheng

The most popular used cars in South Africa – and how much they cost

       Autotrader’s 2022 annual report on the automotive industry has revealed the most popular used cars in South Africa, with the Toyota Hilux topping the list.
       The Bucky sells for R465,178 on average, followed by the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Ranger.
       According to AutoTrader, vehicle inquiries on its platform indicate the intent of customers to purchase a vehicle.
       “The query reveals consumer intent as it is based on consumers asking about ad views for a particular vehicle by phone, email, or visiting the dealership itself using the physical address listed on our platform,” the post reads.
        AutoTrader reports that the top 10 vehicles account for 30% of all searches on the platform. Among them, Hilux accounted for 17.80%.
       The Volkswagen Polo and Ford Ranger accounted for 16.70% and 12.02% of the top ten queries, respectively.
       ”The most requested vehicle model was the Toyota Hilux, which accounted for 5.40% of all searches in the top 10,” AutoTrader said in a report.
       ”Volkswagen Polo came in second with a share of 5.04%, while Ford Ranger accounted for 3.70% of all searches.”
        AutoTrader also keeps track of the most popular vehicles on its platform. The Ford Fiesta didn’t make it into the top ten.
        However, it was the tenth most talked about car. AutoTrader explained that this may be due to the buying habits of South African motorists.
       ”One of the standout vehicles was the Ford Fiesta, which didn’t appear in the top 10 searches or top 10 watchlists,” the report says.
       “This again shows that in some cases, consumers start their car buying journey by looking for popular and stylish makes/models, but after careful consideration decide to buy a ‘best value’ car.
        Interestingly, Volkswagen seems to be the most famous car brand on the list. It ranks three of the 10 most popular cars in South Africa.
       Below is a list of the 10 most popular used cars in South Africa along with their average price, year of manufacture and mileage.
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Post time: Mar-02-2023