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About Us

Company Introduction

Linyi Jinchengyang international trade Co., Ltd. is established by a well-known second-hand car enterprise in Shandong Province. With the strong alliance, it gives full play to the advantages of all shareholders, integrates second-hand car export resources, develops new channels for second-hand car export, and creates the first export brand of "Linyi Jinchengyang". It is a second-hand car export enterprises in the country and the largest second-hand car business enterprise in Linyi. Its business is based in Shandong, radiating across the country and moving towards the world. It is committed to becoming the largest Internet exporter of second-hand car industry in Linyi city, building an international automobile trade distribution center, and helping the city become one of the largest second-hand car exporter.



Unite countries, share resources, grow together and enhance international competitiveness.

Lead the market, create the market, serve the market, be customer-oriented, take quality and service as the core, build the first brand of second-hand car export in Linyi, and become the largest Internet export enterprise of second-hand car industry in Linyi.

Large scale operation, systematic management, one-stop export channels, improve efficiency.

Build An Industrial Ecosystem Through Strong Alliance

Establish a cross-border e-commerce trading platform for second-hand car export by using advanced technologies. Support the whole industry chain e-commerce mode of "B2B,B2C", provide big data and cloud services, connect online and offline, connect both supply and demand directly, reduce intermediate links, match and recommend intelligently, promote transactions, information sharing, and improve efficiency and sufficiency. Through the e-commerce trading platform, gather upstream and downstream high-quality resources, integrate efficiently, and integrate the "used car industry + Internet + supply chain services" "Carry out perfect integration, focus on building an Internet platform for comprehensive management and services of used car supply chain integrating business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow, and provide one-stop professional services such as display, transaction, payment, settlement, finance, logistics, export green channel, traceability, information, big data, etc.

Top Ten Export Management Systems

1. Domestic procurement system.
2. Inspection and evaluation system. 
3. Reconditioning and maintenance system.
4. Online transaction platform system.
5. Overseas sales system.
6. Warehousing and logistics system.
7. Financial service system.
8. Auto parts supply system.
9. Overseas after-sales system traceability system.


Perfect Network

● Covering South China, East China, ASEAN, southwest, North China and other regions.

It has a perfect overseas sales / after-sales service system.

● We cooperates with overseas auto dealers to expand.
● We cooperates with Asia, Africa and South America's countries.